We are a working Shrine that is committed to serve.

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Our Shrine is founded without physical wall so that people from all walks of life may come and benefit from the services we provide.

Luntiang Aghama offers free membership to all who are interested to become part of the Shrine. Membership to Luntiang Aghama may come into 3 category:


1. Guest/ Pilgrim

The Shrine acknowledge the Divinity within all individual whether they come from different spititual path where we recognize them as fellow pilgrim and co traveler leading to the path of our race ( landas ng lahi).

 We value the presence of our Guest/ fellow Pilgrims by providing them opportunity to ascend their level of participation with the Shrine by becoming a probationary member.

 Probationary membership status to the Shrine is attained by our Guest/ Fellow Pilgrim through three (3) consecutive attendance and participation to the Shrine's events/activities. 

2. Devotee

 The Devotee is a regular membership status that is attained by an individual through completion of the Aghamic Membership Class.

Aghamic Membership Class is a free lesson provided to all probationary members upon request which consist of History, Philosopy and principles; Fundamental beliefs and practices, code of conduct and By Laws of the Shrine.

3. Ordained Clergy 

An Ordained Clergy is the highest form of membership to the Shrine which an individual can obtain.  Luntiang Aghama give highest value in the service to others, therefore being an Ordained Clergy of the Shrine requires an extensive training to the ministry in service to all.

Becoming an Ordained Clergy is only available to the regular members/ Devotee of the Shrine. 

Our Ministry

The ministry of the Shrine consist of the following: 

1. Ritual Celebration of the 8 Sabats and 13 Esbats.

2. Baby Naming Ceremony

3. Healing Circle

4. Candle / Incense Service

5. Oracular Service/ Psychic Counselling

6. House Cleansing, Dedication and Blessings

7. Affirmation of Love and Handfasting Ceremony

8. Rite of Parting

9. Memorial Ritual or Blessings for the Dead.

Seminar, Workshop and Trainings

The humble begining of the Shrine was started on December 13, 2000 by providing lectures, training, seminar and workshop to fellow pilgrims and seeker of the arcane wisdom.

Luntiang Aghama through the Philippine Correllian Aghamic Circle (an educational ministry of the Shrine) provides the following course/subjects:

1. Psychic Awareness and skills development training

2. Healing Circle Minister Course

3. Honoring the Ancestor Workshop

4. Alsent Si-Ad Babaylanismo Class

5. Aghamic Divinity and Ministry Course


Events and Activities

All throughout the year, aside from the celebration of 8 Sabats and 13 Lunar Esbats, the Shrine also celebrates the following events:

  • Sacred Feminine Ritual
  • Honoring Gaia Ritual
  • Blessings for all Nations
  • Global Peace Attunement
  • Thea Mater Draconic Ritual










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