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I Pray for Peace
I Pray for Love
I Pray for Stability
I Pray that Love may overcome fear
And i send energy of Love and Peace
For all the people of the world.
I create it.
I accept it.
I receive it.
By my will
In full gratitude to the Divine.
So mote it be.

M. Rev.Krystel High-Correll's First Prayer for Peace


I ask for Love

I ask for Healing

I ask for Stability

I ask for individual freedom for every person across the world.

I ask that all government leaders

at every level and in every nation

be guided to make decisions that benefit all beings

in the sacred circle of life;

that all may live and know the joy

that is possible here on this earth.

I ask this;

I accept this;

I give thanks for this;

and I receive this.

So mote it be.


M. Rev.Krystel High-Correll's Second Prayer for Peace



I pray fo rPeace

I pray for Love

I pray for Stability

I pray that love may overcome fear

and I sendt he energy of Love and a positive Peace

to all the people of the world.

I pray for a true and positive Peace

that allows for individual freedom to all people,

and to all nations.

A peace,tolerance, and respect between nations

that brings hope and healing to all.

I pray that all leaders, at every level, and every nation,

have the wisdom to make decisions

that benefit all beings in the sacred circle of life.

I ask this;

I accept this;

I receive this;

and I give thanks.

And it is so! So Mote it Be!

Rezo por la Paz
Rezo por Amor
Rezo por la Estabilidad
Rezo para que el amor puede vencer el miedo
y yo les enviamos energía del Amor y la Paz
para todos los pueblos del mundo.
Lo creo.
Lo acepto.
Lo recibo.
Por mi voluntad
en plena gratitud a lo Divino.
Y que así sea.
Bendito sea paz!
Maombi ya amani katika lugha ya Kiswahili Afrika
Naomba kwa Amani
Naomba kwa ajili ya Upendo
Naomba kwa Utulivu
Naomba Upendo inaweza kuondokana na hofu
na i kutuma nishati ya Upendo na Amani
kwa ajili ya watu wote wa dunia.
Mimi kujenga yake.
Mimi kukubali.
Mimi kupokea hiyo.
kwa mapenzi yangu
shukrani kamili ya Mungu.
Na iwe hivyo.
Na ahimidiwe Amani!

Dalangin ko ay Kapayapaan.
Dalangin ko ay Pagibig.
Dalangin ko ay Katatagan.
Dalangin ko ay manaig ang Pagibig laban sa takot,
at pinaaabot ko ang Pagibig at Kapayapaan
sa lahat ng nilalang sa buong sansinukuban.
Akin itong nilikha.
Tinatangap ko ito
Sa pamamagitan ng aking kalooban
Na may taos pusong pasasalamat sa May Kapal.
Maaramidan! PagAsatin!
हिन्दी भाषा में शांति की प्रार्थना
Hindī bhāṣā mēṁ śānti kī prārthanā
मैं शांति के लिए प्रार्थना
Maiṁ śānti kē li'ē prārthanā
मैं प्यार के लिए प्रार्थना
Maiṁ pyāra kē li'ē prārthanā
मैं स्थिरता के लिए प्रार्थना करो
Maiṁ sthiratā kē li'ē prārthanā karō
मैं प्यार डर पर काबू पाने सकता है कि प्रार्थना करो
Maiṁ pyāra ḍara para kābū pānē sakatā hai ki prārthanā karō
और मुझे लगता है कि प्यार और शांति की ऊर्जा भेज
Aura mujhē lagatā hai ki pyāra aura śānti kī ūrjā bhēja
दुनिया के सभी लोगों के लिए।
Duniyā kē sabhī lōgōṁ kē li'ē.
मैं इसे बनाने के लिए।
Maiṁ isē banānē kē li'ē.
मैं इसे स्वीकार करते हैं।
Maiṁ isē svīkāra karatē haiṁ.
मैं इसे प्राप्त करते हैं।
Maiṁ isē prāpta karatē haiṁ.
मेरी इच्छा से
Mērī icchā sē
देवी को पूरा आभार में
Dēvī kō pūrā ābhāra mēṁ.
और ऐसा ही होगा।
Aura aisā hī hōgā.
शांति हो धन्य!
Śānti hō dhan'ya!
Peace Prayer in Japanese
Nihon no heiwa no inori

I pray for Peace.
watashi wa heiwa no tame ni inoru.

I pray for Love.
watashi wa ai no tame ni inoru.

I pray for stability.
watasi wa antei no tame ni inoru.

I pray that love may overcome fear.
watashi wa ai wa osore o kokuhuku suru to omoi inoru.

And i send energy of love and peace
For all the people of the world.
soshite watashi wa sekaijyu no subete no hito no tameni ai to heiwa no enerugi o okuru.

I create it.
watashi wa souzou soru.

I accept it.
watashi wa ukeireru.

I recieve it.
watashi wa ukeru.
By my will
In full gratitude the Divine.
michitarita kami e no kansha niyoru watashi no ishi ni yotte.
And so be it.
sorede yoi
Blessed be Peace!
heiwa e no kami no gokago o


The Ladder of Peace Prayer

There is one Power in the Universe

And we are the Perfect Manifestation of that Power

And for as such we Pray for Peace.

We Pray for Peace 

We Pray for Love

We Pray for Stability

and we Pray that all the People of the World to embrace Peace.

Peace that promotes Justice

Justice that follows Discipline and Orderliness

Discipline and Orderliness as a result of Understanding

Understanding as a product of Knowledge

and Knowledge as a fruit from the seed of Love.

We Pray to you oh Mother Goddess and Father God

to bless us your Children with Courage

A Courage that makes Love and Peace

to overcome all form of evil, fear, hatred, terror, violence, warfare and worries

around the world.

As the Goddess within us Ignites the Flame of Love 

and Light of Life;

The God before us radiates the light of Peace

for all to see.

May all the people of the world be blessed with Peace.

May all the inhabitant of Mother Earth enjoy the Blessings of Love.

As we Create and Manifest these in our lives

with Aim no harm to anyone

By our Will and in full gratitude to the Divine

We accept and recieve it.

And it is So! So mote it Be!

Mayari Na! PagAsatin!


Coffee/ Tea Cup Peace Weaving Prayer

I Pray for Peace with this cup of Coffee/Tea
Visualizing the water within the cup to represent humanity,
infused with love by the blend that comes from Mother Earth
brewed in the gentle flame of the passionate fire
and cooled down with the breeze of comforting air.

I welcome Peace within me as i sip from this cup.

I welcome Love to be with my life.

I welcome Joy & Hope within this Cup

And Peace i share to Everyone in the world.

Let there be Love.

Let there be Joy.

Let there be Hope.

And Let there be Peace.

This is my will with harm to none
in full gratitude to the Divine.

And It is So!

So mote it be!


The Aghamic Prayer

Oh Supreme Divine Creator , the Protector, the Almighty!

Plant in us your children the seed of LOVE that bring  PEACE to all mankind.

That PEACE when it grow will transcend all UNDERSTANDING that will guard our heart and mind in you.

Let that UNDERSTANDING grow and branch forth in us with KNOWLEDGE; the KNOWLEDGE of TRUTH, REVERENCE and TRUE HUMILITY to all creatures seen and unseen.

May you allow Lord that KNOWLEDGE to bud for us a flower of WISDOM. The WISDOM that will guide us in our daily life here on Earth. A WISDOM that harms none, that bring forth in us a perfect equilibrium and harmony to all beings.

So that in the end, we may enjoy our life fulfilled and will taste the fruit of the labor of your LOVE which is ENLIGHTENMENT.

May the blessings of the ALMIGHTY be with us in Love and in Light.

So mote it be!


Prayer for Transformation


This Prayer was originally written on July 17, 2007 for the purpose of transformation of our lives.  I hope that everyone who will read this will be blessed.


I call upon God

The God who created the Heavens and the Earth

The God who made the stars, moon, planets, worlds, and the Universe


I call upon you God who is called by many names but only one God


To you who has a thousand and even a million manifestation to everybeings who call, love, and worship you, I Pray.

I Pray to you God who gave life and form to everybeing, seen and unseen

To create in us once more

A new Life and a new Form

Like you have created in us before.

But this time, I ask you

To create in us a New Life.

A Life taht is out of hatred.

A Life that is out of Fear.

A Life that is our of envy, jealousy, pride

And all the host of negativity that makes everybeing suffer.


I ask you God to create in us a new Life.

A Life ful of Love, Joy, Peace, Hope and Goodwill.

I ask you to create in us a worthy vessel of your loving mercy to the World.


A channel of Blessings to all of your creation, seen and unseen.


I ask you to make us a channel of Love, Joy, Peace, Hope and Goodwill.

Make us a Blessing to everyone who seek you.

Radiate your power upon us that through us may people see a glimpse of your Glory.


May we always be in perfect communion and Harmony with you and to all beings.


In Love and Light.


So Mote it Be!

Blessed be Peace!


Blessings for the Philippines (In Tagalog)


Luwalhati at Parangal sa Dakilang Kapangyarihan na Lumikha sa amin at sa Buong Sansinukuban!

Hangin ay umihip sa silanganan

Hatid ay kaaliwan sa lahat ng nilalang na nalulumbay.

Pinapawi ang luha ng kapighatian, dala ay pag-asa sa buong sanlibutan.

Apoy ng kapayapaan

liwanag ng sanlibutan 

pawiin ang kadiliman at kaguluhan

Pagningasin ang liwanag sa aming Buhay.

Dalisay na tubig linisin ang aming karumihan

Kagalingan at kaginhawaan ay hatid

Hudyat ng kaunlaran sa aming buhay.

Inang Lupang Mapagkalinga

sa Iyo kami’y sumasamo

sa iyong pinagpalang bisig kamiy nananangan.

Inang mapagmahal

Pagpalain ang aming Lupang Tinubuan

Pilipinas kong Bayan- sa iyo aming inaalay.

PagAsa, PagIbig, Kapayapaan at Kaunlaran

sa Pilipinas kong Mahal

Naway Aming Masumpunagan.

Mayari nawa!




Possitive Affirmation of Peace


I am who I am


The Perfect Manifestation

of the Great I Am


The Supreme Divine Creator

Of the Universe


The Giver of Life to both seen and unseen.


I create my own reality

And I manifest it into my present life.


( so at this point, I ask you, what kind of reality you are re creating now?)


I am Love.

I am Joy

I am Good Health

I am Long Life

I am Abundance

I am Prosperity

I am Peace


With these reality i create and manifest it in my life.


Through my will in perfect love and in perfect trust with aim no harm to anyone and in full gratitude to the Divine.


I accept and receive it.


And it is so! So mote it be!


Mayari Na! PagAsatin!





Kasaganahan at Kaunlaran

Kami ay Paunlakan

Sa Buong Kalupaan

Kayo ay matagpuan.


Kaalaman at Karunungan

sa Hangin paliparin

at ang mga tao

ay inyong Pagpalain.


Alab ng PagIbig

sa Puso namin ay pagningasin

upang ang liwanag ng Kapayapaan

ay tunay naming makamtan.


Tubig na Dalisay

na dumadaloy sa amung buhay

karamdaman ay iwaksi

at Kaginhawaan ay sa amin ilaan.


Pagibig at Kapayapaan

ang aming panambitan

at taos pusong hangarin

na lumaganap sa buong Sansinukuban.