One Tree with many Branches

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Membership to the Shrine

Luntiang Aghama is a non stock non profit religious corporation sole that aims to provide a safe, non threathening, non judgemental and supportive environment to all our members and new seekers of the craft through utilizing the new technology of internet in establishing online groups that becomes a haven for spiritual seekers.  The Shrine has established online groups for membership that will help to meet their goals in walking back to the path of our race (Landas ng Lahi).


Become a Member Here!

Please kindly fill up the form Below:

Membership Qualification

Any individual who wish to join the Shrine must:

  • Enter with an empty cup and an open mind; s/he must have a strong determination and willingness to subscribe to the Aghamic Membership Class and swear to take the teachings of the Shrine with whole mind, heart and in action.

  • S/he must be a person of good standing in the society where s/he previously belongs.

  • S/he must be a person who possesses strong family values, with an open mind that welcomes to new ideas and teaching, introspective, has deep love of God/dess in their many forms and manifestation, kindness to all creatures and service to mankind.

Members Code of Conduct

  1. An individual Member who is in good standing with the Shrine must possesses a strong family values.

  1. The Shrine sees the Family as basic unit in the society where moral values and right conducts are inculcated among its members.

  1. The Shrine values respect towards one’s own parents as the Divine’s agent of giving life to every individual.

  1. We see our parents to be the inheritor of our ancestor’s role as the Divine co-creator thus passing to us the responsibilities and duties of this divine mission.

  1. As an offspring of our parents and ancestors, we are to take pride with honour and dignity of the credibility of the Name our ancestors worked hard for as they passed it unto us.

  1. We as a Shrine work together for good as a Family work together for their sustenance and preservation.

  1. We do not harm one another in thoughts, words or deed.

  1. As a family creates a home; so as our shrine creates a home where safety and comfort can be found.

  2. A home whereas its member can find solace through communication, cooperation and coordination to achieve spiritual growth and advancement in harmony and at peace with each members.

  1. A Family that does not tolerate misbehaviour of its member but confront the family member to correct their ways.

  1. As member of the Family, we give respect and support to one another’s idea. We allow the practice of Free Will towards one another as long as it harms none.

  1. We as Family, value the cultivation of individual’s faith and spiritual growth. No two individual are the same; thus we value and respect the uniqueness of each individual difference.

  1. Though we acknowledge individual differences among each member, our relationship with one another will not be diminished but instead will be strengthened by our commonality.

  1. Having Faith is very personal and individualistic. No one can have faith for the certain individual sake, but the individual only. In having Faith there are no proxies.

  1. Each individual members of the Shrine is responsible in cultivating their own faith, so as every individual is also responsible in moulding their own destiny.

  1. The Shrine responsibility towards each member is to provide them a safe, non-threatening and non-judgemental venue in cultivating each individual’s faith towards their own spiritual growth and advancement.

  1. We do not give time to rumours. We value what is right and true. And our concern is for our own spiritual growth and advancement without degrading or stepping on others shoes. We have our own eyes to see. Ears to hear. And Mouth to speak. We have our hands to work and feet to walk. And with all of these, we live an honourable life.

  1. The Shrine values the constant sharing of thoughts, ideas and concerns to each member. Through this, harmonious relationship with one another will develop. Constant communication, cooperation and coordination are what we are building within our shrine.

  1. And finally, we see each other as the manifested vessel of the Divine. And with these, we give respect towards one another as the other is the manifestation of the Divine. The Goddess and the God is within us all. And if the Goddess and God are within us, we will not aim Harm to one another but instead love one another as the Goddess and the God loves us all.

Membership Classification

  • GUEST- is a non member who attends Public Ritual or Gathering of the Shrine that is invited by the regular, active, and/or honorary member of the Shrine.

  • PROBATIONARY- is a non-initiating membership status of the shrine that has 2 types.

  • TYPE A- is a probationary membership status given to a child or children of a Regular Member parents in dedication.

  • TYPE B- is a non-initiated member and/or a constant guest of the Shrine who was able to attend for three (3) consecutive gatherings/ events of the Shrine, or any person who subscribes to the teachings and philosophies of the Shrine (through online group, website, television, multimedia), and express his/her strong desire to become a regular member of the Shrine; A student of Aghamic Membership Class.

  • DEVOTEE- is a regular member of the Shrine who subscribes and completed the Aghamic Membership Class and sworn to abide to the teachings and philosophies of the Shrine and regularly attends all the gathering of the Shrine whether be it in the celebration of Esbat, Sabat, Seminar or Workshop conducted by the Shrine throughout the year.

  • ASPIRANT- is an active member of the Shrine who subscribed, completed the Aghamic Membership Class and sworn to abide to the teachings and philosophies of the Shrine and dedicated her/himself to the studies of Aghamic Divinity and Ministry Course to become an Ordained Clergy of the Shrine.

  • ORDAINED CLERGY- is an active member of the Shrine who subscribed, completed the Aghamic Membership Class, sworn and initiated to the teachings and philosophies of the shrine and who took the Aghamic Divinity and Ministry Course to serve as an Officer of the Shrine taking up the responsibility to serve spiritual and liturgical function.

  • HONORARY- is/are friend/s of the Shrine who honor, recognize, value, and/or subscribe to the teachings of the Shrine, and see the Shrine as an autonomous organization that is part of the whole society in helping seekers to attain spiritual advancement. Honorary Members is/are Coven heads or individuals recognized by the Shrine prior to the promulgation of this constitution and by- laws, who in their love and devotion for the Craft have initiated to organize themselves in attunement and in service to the old Gods and Goddess and willingly share to non-initiates the path of oneness with the Divinity.

To Join us

Email us your request letter to and ask for the Aghamic Membership Admission Class for free.


Probationary Members who wish to join the Shrine as Regular member should submit the following documents:

  • Letter of Intent stating his/her reason why he wants to enter the Shrine as regular member.

  • Recommendation letter from any regular, active or honorary member of the Shrine.

  • Certificate of Attendance to prove his/her probationary status that s/he attends for three (3) consecutive gatherings/events of the Shrine.

  • Accomplished Membership Agreement Form

  • Honorary Dismissal (if s/he previously belong to a Coven or any Pagan Organization in the Philippines)


  • NATIONAL COMMUNITY OF FILIPINO PAGANS (NCFP) -Is an organization established by the shrine for reaching out Filipino Pagans throughout the country and even to Filipino Pagans who are in abroad. To Join Click Here.
  • BALAI AGHAMA MINISTERIAL CENTER (BAMC) -Are Local Chapter of the Shrine to the Community that will provide religious services and products that will be available to its members and non- member of the Shrine.  To Join Click Here
  • PHILIPPINE CORRELLIAN AGHAMIC CIRCLE (PCAC) -Is an organization established by the shrine dedicated to the studies of the teachings of the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca. To Join Click Here.
  • SACERDOTAL ORDER OF LUNTIANG AGHAMA (SOLA) - Is a Private group/ Organization within Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. that is dedicated to the Studies of Aghamic Ministry and Divinity Course and to the advancement of the Teachings and doctrines of Luntiang Aghama. A special group to those who wish to be part of Luntiang Aghama Priesthood. In order to join, letter of request is required by emailing the Chief Priest at
  • ORDAINED PAGAN CLERGY IN THE PHILIPPINES (OPCP)-  Is an organization established by the Shrine in recognition of the Coven Heads and Solitaries, who in their dedication and devotion to the craft have become contributory to the development of Paganism in the Philippines prior to the Incorporation and promulgation of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Shrine. 
  • OVERSEAS FILIPINO WITCHES IN MIDDLE EAST (OFW ME) -is a closed grou/ organization of the Shrine that serve as a virtual temple/ shrine for Filipino Witches working in Middle East. The group also serve as a contact center in times of distress and as a venue to express their faith in the Goddess and the God which is forbidden in Middle East.
  • PEACE PRAYER INTERFAITH MINISTRY (PPIM)- is a closed group which its members are added through invitation. The group objective is to pray for peace. 
  • PEACE PRAYER TV- an outreach initiative of the Shrine in delivering the message of peace through short video blog in facebook and youtube.
  • PEACE PRAYER JOURNEY- is a weekly podcast internet radio that airs over the International Pagan Radio every Monday 10 am US Eastern Time that aims to reach out people around the world and to make a bridge in overcoming our differences by looking into our similarity that promotes interpersonal Peace.
  • THE MESSAGE OF PEACE TODAY- a weekly segment at the Correllian Family Hour that broadcast every friday 10 pm US Eastern Time at Pagans Tonight Radio Network.